Jordi Cardoner en una imatge d'arxiu

The penyes have celebrated another festive event – this time in Tarragona, where Club Vice President Jordi Cardoner presided over the 12th Trobada de Penyes Barcelonistes de Tarragona Nord, where he was accompanied by Josep Maldonado, Salvador Sadurní, Josep Seguer, Miguel Àngel Bustillo and Xavier Ilincheta.

Round table and visit to town hall

The event began with a round table talk about Barça’s current state at the clubhouse of the PB de Constantí, before moving on to the local town hall when Jordi Cardoner arrived and signed the guest of honour book.

Importance of new federation model

Vice President Cardoner stressed the importance of the new Federation model the Club’s board are promoting which will allow for a better organisation of the movement, switching from 35 zones to 30 territorial federations.

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