Penyes arriba a 100.000 fans a Facebook

The Penyes launched their presence on the two most popular social networks, Twitter and Facebook in January 2012 and since then it hasn’t stopped growing – reaching 100,00 fans on Facebook.

100,000 Barça fans have clicked “like” on the Penyes Facebook, a clear indication of the interest the Club creates in its social, as well as its sporting project. The movement’s following has continued to increase on Facebook.

A communication channel for the Club

The Penyes’ presence on social networks is part of the Club’s commitment to service. It has now become another official communication channel for the Club and all the information referring to the penyes movement is available on the Facebook page.

Continued growth

The penyes movement is more alive than ever and the 1,500 official penyes have taken to this new tool to help them to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the movement.

One of the objectives established by the Club, as a pioneer in the field, was to improve the service it provides, to spread the message of the movement and to promote the penya brand by increasing the penyes’ presence on the social networks.

Jordi Cardoner congratulates penya members

Via his own Twitter account, Jordi Cardoner took the opportunity to congratulate the penya members for their success: “a big part on the back for all the penyes movement. Now we’re more than 100,000 fans on Facebook!”. He also added to be "really grateful to the whole movement to promote Barça worldwide". You can follow FC Barcelona vicepresident on Twitter and Facebook.

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