Txema Corbella amb la penya blaugrana que porta el seu nom a Nalec. Foto: Miguel Ruiz-FCB

More than 350 people took part in the official inauguration ceremony for the PB Txema Corbella in Nalec (Lleida) yesterday afternoon. The club is named in honour of the Nalec native Txema Corbella, who has been the FC Barcelona kit man for the last 31 years. A little over a year ago, Nalec paid an emotional homage to Txema and yesterday the new supporters club was inaugurated with 124 members in a village of just 90 inhabitants. An emotional Txema Corbella declared: "I am very proud and it gives me great personal satisfaction to see how my hometown and friends care so much about you". Txema was accompanied by famous ex-players Josep Maria Fusté, Pepe Costa, Carles Rexach or Manolo Martínez and ex-colleagues such as Angel Mur.

On behalf of  FC Barcelona, Jordi Durà, Comissió de Penyes director praised Txema Corbella's career and the fact that a supporters club had been named for him. After he'd been given the title of honorary president, Txema and the guests at the event took part in a procession through the streets of Nalec before reaching the club HQ, where a commemorative plaque was unveiled.

42 official titles with  Barça

Of the 77 official titles the first team have won in the history of the Club, Txema Corbella has won 42. The kit man has been a part of the winning of more than half of the titles the Club in its history has won since he took over from Papi Anguera.in the 1983/84 season.

Nalec hits the headlines

Txema Corbella brought the name of his hometown into the world after the league title won in the 2009/10 season, when he was heard shouting: "Visca el Barça, Visca Catalunya i Visca Nalec!" in the celebrations and that was the start of the process which resulted in Nalec setting up the supporters club in his name.

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