Weddings at the Camp Nou / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

The Penya Barcelonista Centenari de Barcelona has been official since 1999, and took its name from the club centenary that year. They are based in the Barcelona district of Poblenou, and were created by volunteers involved in the events held by FC Barcelona that year. The thirteen year old club is presided by Frederic Gonzalez and has more than one hundred members.

A relationship started at the club

When Elisa moved to Barcelona from Honduras seven years ago, she met Teresa Bigatà through a common friend, and was invited to join the Barça world and the PB Centenari, for which the latter is still a board member.

Bigatà invited Elisa to the event to celebrate the club's seventh anniversary, which is where she met another member of the club, Jaume. They started going out together and as the years went by, they became an established couple.

The two have shared several Barça moments together. They were at the 2009 cup final in Valencia, the first of the six titles that FC Barcelona won that year, and have enjoyed all of the huge successes that have followed in each other's company.

And today in the Sala Roma at the Camp Nou they and one hundred and fifty guests, including the whole of the supporter's club's board, enjoyed getting married at such a wonderful venue and in such splendid company. This truly is a love borne out of Barça.

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