Congrés de Penyes Barcelonistes

Following the trend begun on 3rd of March, the working committees are carrying on their work. On Sunday the 11th it was the turn of the Events and Activities Committee, taking over the baton from Tickets and Travel.

Most important issues discussed during the meetings

The Events and Activities Committee is divided into four working groups. In this way, team work is guaranteed, with the added value that they are dedicated to specific aspects within the working areas.

Events Subcommittee

The activity of this group is focused on establishing a real and logical organisation of events organised by the supporters clubs. The aim is put into order the supporters clubs events, with a classification of events according to their relevance, and some protocols to follow regarding representation or attendance of former players.

Activities Subcommittee

The purpose of this group is to promote the participation of the social masses of the supporters club movement, promoting the organisation of activities. They began by laying the foundation of the supporters clubs campus for this year, and improvements regarding the football 7-a-side tournament. They also laid the groundwork for the butifarra card tournament, the Play Station tournament for youngsters. It was also suggested that the supporters clubs organise football schools and clinics, which they will work on soon.

Solidarity Subcommittee

This group is dedicated to establishing and promoting synergies between the FC Barcelona Foundation and the supporters club movement. The aim is that, bilaterally, the supporters clubs should make the Foundation aware of their solidarity activities, as well as informing the supporters clubs of the actions that the latter may carry out in their area. In this way the main facet of the joint movement was revealed, and the Foundation and the supporters clubs will work together to help to the most needy.

Subcommittee for the World Meeting, the Congress, and the Barça Party

The World Meeting Subcommittee is working to redefine the content and concept of this great supporters club event. It was confirmed that this year they will follow the 2011 model. In this way, the World Meeting and the Congress will be held during the days surrounding the Joan Gamper Trophy, within the context of the Barça Party, and within the grounds of the Camp Nou.

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