Plenari del Consell Consultiu de Penyes

Since the beginning of the season, the four working committees have been concentrating on specific issues, dealing with initiatives included in the Supporters Clubs XXI Century project. Thus, during this quarter, they have held, and will continue to hold, meetings to lay the working foundations. During March, a series of meetings are being held to validate the final objectives, and sort them according to priorities.

On Saturday, March 3, 1 meeting of the Working Committees

On Saturday 3rd of March the first of 4 meetings was held, corresponding to Tickets and Travel, which are planned in March and ending on the last weekend of this month with the celebration of the Plenary of the Advisory Council.

Every weekend in March a different theme will be dealt with, according to the existing working groups and subcommittees that exist within each of these groups.

Most important topics discussed by the Committee for Tickets and Travel

The Committee for Tickets and Travel is divided into four sub-committees and the most important topics discussed in the last meeting are as follows:

Permanent Sub-committee for Tickets

Mainly, the activity of this group is aimed at improving the processes of distribution of tickets and finding a more effective and flexible distribution of seats.

Sub-committee Barça B and sections

This sub-committee is working to encourage the attendance of supporters clubs at Barça B games, and the other professional sections matches. The aim is to try to look for more attractive or improved formulas and promotions so that supporters club members can enjoy a total Barça experience.

Sub-committee for Travel

The members of this group are working to promote collaboration and synergies with FCB Travel, Halcón Viatges, and supporters clubs, for the benefit of all supporters clubs members.

Sub-committee Afepe

Finally, this group that deals with the relations with "fans united", is also part of this committee. The aim is to establish more synergy with this association through more active participation of the Club in their events, as well as establishing a schedule and protocol to welcome supporters clubs of visiting teams. Promoting fair play amongst fans is paramount for FC Barcelona, and also for the supporters club movement.


The 4 committees that comprise the working groups are:

● Tickets and Travel

● Events and Activities

● Supporters Clubs Rules

● Identity of Supporters Clubs and members

Plenary of the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council

The culmination of these meetings will take place on the weekend of 31st March / 1st April in the Plenary meeting of the Advisory Council, where proposals will be presented by each of the committees and that once validated will be used to detail the Framework of the next Supporters Clubs Congress.

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