Crest unveiling of the PB Albense

These were the Peña Barcelonista Albense d'Alba de Tormes (Salamanca), and the Peña Barcelonista Alpujarreña, d'Instinción (Almeria).

In front of twenty people, Manel Costa, director of the Supporters Clubs Commission, unveiled the plaque for the club from Salamanca, along with the president of the supporters club, Nicasio Barjola. From now on, the club's name will appear over Gate 105 by the North Goal.

By the North Ramp of the Lateral Stand, the ten members that had travelled up from Instinción were able to see the crest unveiled in honour of the Peña Barcelonista Alpujarreña. Manel Costa and Francisco Payan, the president of the supporters club, did the duties.

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