Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, and Pau Vilanova, during the plenary of the Supporters' Clubs Advisory Council

Plenary of the Supporters' Clubs Advisory Council

On December 2 and 3, the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council held two workshops to talk about this season's projects. Almost all of the delegates to the Council attended the sessions, which were viewed positively and offered the security that the movement is moving in the right direction.

Thematic commissions redefined

At the Friday session the work done by the four thematic commissions that was started last season was redefined. Given the good results produced by the different work groups at the last congress, work will continue along similar lines, but working on even more specific aspects. All of the delegates will form part of a mixed commission, which will also involve the participation of the Social and Supporters Clubs Commission, in order to continue defining the different aspects encompassed by the Penyes Segle XXI project.

Each of the four commissions will include subcomissions to look at more specific subjects and to focus their efforts on such lines of action. Their reports will be presented to the World Supporters Clubs Congress 2012, including any proposals or amendments that the supporters clubs consider convenient.

But this is still essentially a continuation of the work done up until now. There shall be further work done on the supporters clubs regulations, the criteria for distributing tickets, the movement's most important events and the supporters club membership card. Moreover, the following new work fields open, among others:

Establish a protocol for supporters club events: define and typify representation at certain types of events

More interaction with Fundació del FC Barcelona: foster a reciprocal relationship between supporters clubs and the Foundation to promote its work around the territories

Foster attendance of Barça B and other professional sports: provide ticketing packages and other offers to supporters clubs to help fill the Mini and Palau Blaugrana

Study a new territorial organisation for presentation at the next congress, and for this to be included in the new regulations

New proposals for communication via social networks and to establish protocols for their use

A second level within the new penyes website on which each supporters' club will have its site

New census of supporters' clubs and their members

Improve offers for supporters clubs (travel, virtual store, etc.)

Draft calendar

The delegates will report the projects of the final plenary session to their clubs, be that through zone meetings or other methods, and will also reveal the proposals made at the meeting. This information will help the different zones to formulate proposals at the meetings that each of the commissions will be holding over the coming months.

The next plenary meeting is already on the horizon, which will he held some time around Easter, where each of the actions will be even more clearly defined and finally prepared for presentation to Congress.

Continuous and consistent work will enable the supporters clubs movement to move closer towards self-management in line with the agreements at the Congress of 2011. This will be a major step forward in laying the bases for the Penyes Segle XXI project and promoting the supporters club brand.

Presentation of Social Area projects

Saturday's plenary session was chaired by the vice president of the Social Area Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, accompanied by the chief director of the Social Commission, Pau Vilanova. The vice president opened the session by presenting the actions and projects that the Social Area plans to work on this season.

The initiatives presented laid special emphasis on the Members Charity Day, and asked the supporters clubs to offer their help. Members were asked to both apply for tickets for the less favoured members of their communities and to free up their seats so that such people get the chance to use them.

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