FCBEscola Campus Penyes

For the second consecutive year, Barça is offering the Supporters Clubs the possibility to participate in the work of training of youth football, via the FCBEscola Supporters Clubs Campus. The Club is very aware of the possibilities offered by Supporters Clubs to organise a campus, as well as the work they do every year with football training.

For this reason, last summer they began to organise  the Supporters Clubs Campus. A total of 8 campus hosted over 400 young athletes. This year, the project will continue, with the aim of consolidating a firm understanding in the long-term, that will be a reference point for both the supporters club movement and football training.

It's well known that one of the objectives of the project Supporters Clubs XXI Century is to rejuvenate the movement via activities for children. In this way the idea is to ensure continuity and solidity of the supporters clubs, without losing the tradition, over the years.


The Events and Activities Committee has been working during the season to consolidate this project. Thus, within this management model, the joint work between the supporters clubs and FC Barcelona is clear, in a way of working that considers all proposals from the supporters clubs.

In the meeting scheduled for the weekend of 10th and 11th of March, the committee will be studying the sites that they intend to use for hosting a campus this coming summer.


Those supporters clubs interested in organizing a campus must meet certain minimum requirements for their decent development. In agreement with the area delegate, they'll fill out the registration form, so that it can be sent it to the Club for prior validation, if applicable.

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