Firma en el Libro de Honor / FOTO: Miguel Ruiz - FCB

La comitiva azulgrana se desplaza hasta Castellón / FOTO: Miguel Ruiz - FCB

The celebrations, which were held together with the 14th Trobada de Penyes de les Comarques de Castelló, were rounded off by the visit of President Sandro Rosell, accompanied by Area Social Vice-President Jordi Cardoner, and the head of the Comissió Social Pau Vilanova.

The Club representatives arrived at midday and were received first at the Town Hall by the local mayor Rafael Calvo. In his speech to the Mayor, Sr Rosell stressed the importance of the values which the clubs in Valencia transmitted. There then followed a fifty gun salute to mark the Penya Blaugrana Segorbe anniversary.

Fireworks and a procession then accompanied the party to the Penya’s club house, where the President signed the book of honour. A lunch at a local restaurant was followed by an interchange of gifts between the attending penyes, FC Barcelona and the local Mayor.

The PB Segorbe President, José Benedicto, and the representatives of the Consell Consultiu de Penyes de les Comarques de Castelló, Joaquim Grifol, and from Bages, Berguedà and Cerdanya, Ramon Burniol, hosted the celebrations.

Celebrations begin on Friday

The day before the Club’s representatives arrived, the PB Segorbe began their celebrations on Friday with ex-Barça keeper Pere Valentí, ‘l’Avi del Barça’, Joan Casals and the members of the CCP Joaquim Grifol and Ramon Burniol distributing Barça souvenirs at a home for disabled people and a local school for children with difficulties.

There then followed a round table about the current situation of the team at the Teatre Serrano de Sogorb and the day finished with an open supper at the Plaça de l’Almudín.

50 years of the first club in the Comunitat Valenciana

President Sandro Rosell was full of praise for the work of the PB Segorbe, the first ever penya started in the Comunitat Valenciana and he paid homage to all the club presidents who have helped to keep the Barça ideal alive in the county of Alt Palància.

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