Trobada Mundial de Penyes

The new FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs Regulations passed by the Board of Directors on January 23 have established the process, criteria and requirements for creating a new supporters club. In accordance with the points presented by the regulations commission, and validated by the same at the last Congress, the steps for creating a supporters club have been changed considerably.

The aim of this change is to reaffirm the new directions we are taking as established by the new Penyes Segle XXI project. Solid, quality supporters clubs that satisfy minimum requirements that will help take the movement where it deserves to be.


From now on, in order to create a supporters club, the following requirements, among others, must be satisfied:

The president of the supporters club must be an FC Barcelona member, or must have a commitment card. Also, supporters clubs based in Catalonia must have at least five members of FC Barcelona or holders of commitment cards.

The supporters club must have a minimum number of members, depending on the number of people registered as residents in the municipality, in accordance with the table that appears in Article 3 of the regulations.

Two thirds of the members of the Board of Directors must be registered residents, or regular inhabitants of the town or city where the supporters club is based.

The supporters club must have a clubhouse, which cannot be a private apartment or property designed for use as a home. If the clubhouse is open to the public, the owner or proprietor of the business cannot be a member of the board of directors.

Each supporters club must have its own clubhouse and address, and cannot share either with another supporters club.

Only one supporters club shall be accepted in municipalities with less than 25,000 inhabitants.

Application process

The process to constitute a supporters club can be viewed in full by clicking here, and consists of four stages:

1. First of all, the applicant must properly fill in the Supporters Club Name Application form and send it to the Department.

2. If the Club provides a positive response, FC Barcelona will report this and send a second form, the Provisional Recognition form. This must be returned to the club within 90 days along with the foundational deeds, the proposed model for the statutes, a certificate confirming that the future supporters club satisfies the requirements, and a proposed identity symbol.

The Club will forward the documentation to the delegate of the Advisory Council in order for this person to produce a favourable report.

3. If the delegate does provide a favourable report, the supporters club will be authorised to continue its application, and will have a period of 90 days to provide all the documentation to the corresponding registry of entities and to provide the Club with proof of the same.

Once the supporters club's statutes have been validated, it must provide a copy to the club for them to be made official.

4. Once the Club has the statutes as accepted by the corresponding body, the supporters club will be ready to go to the Board of Directors for approval.

It is compulsory for all these stages to be observed, and no documentation will be accepted for processing unless all of the preceding stages have been complied with.

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