Reception with the Agrupació de Penyes de Futbol

Sandro Rosell, Jordi Cardoner, Jordi Mestre and Pau Vilanova with the supporters' clubs of the Agrupació

Every season youth tournaments are run by the Agrupació de Penyes de Futbol (Football Supporters Clubs Group) at the Miniestadi, contested by teams belonging to the supporters clubs in the Group.

There are eighteen clubs in the Group, making for 3,600 footballers and 205 teams in different age categories. The youngest play every week on the FC Barcelona facilities in their respective competitions, the finals of which are always held in the Miniestadi.

This wonderful scheme has not gone unnoticed and so this was officially recognised yesterday evening. Players of the calibre of Víctor Valdés have emerged from the Group in the past, which is one of the reasons why FC Barcelona takes such an active interest in its developments.

President Sandro Rosell, Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, vice president of the Social Area, and Jordi Mestre, director of the Sports Area for Youth Football, welcomed representatives of the Group into the presidential lounge at the Camp Nou. Also in attendance was the director in chief of the Social Commission, Pau Vilanova, as well as a number of different delegations from the Group itself.

Antoni Sanjuan, president of the Agrupació de Penyes de Futbol, led this association that works so hard week after week to do its best to train and educate young players.

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