Chelsea - FCB

For fifth season running, Barça qualified for the Champions League semifinals. This time, the Guardiola team is facing Chelsea to reach the final in Munich. The first leg will be played at Stamford Bridge on 18 April, with the return on 24 April at Camp Nou.

Leg in London

For the trip to London the penyes can apply for tickets frin 10 April at 10 am until 11 April at 7 pm via the form on the Club website. The club key, contact details, the zone which the club is situated and the details of a credit card must be supplied when the application is made.

You can also include the number of tickets required, which will be assigned according to availability and demand.

Click HERE to apply for tickets.

Second leg at Camp Nou

For the game at the Camp Nou, tickets can be applied for before 17 April at reserva.penyes@fcbarcelona.cat, with the following details required:

- Name and number of the penya

- Contact details

- Number of tickets required

- Credit card details

Tickets will be distributed according to availability and demand during the application period.

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