Barça Alusport, European Champions

Once more, Barça Alusport was facing history again. After reaching the top last season, by winning all competitions played, Carmona’s team went one step beyond and now belonging to the European elite.

The Barris Nord arena in Lleida was the setting of a thrilling final four. One could feel in the atmosphere that Barça was about to make history once again. And supporters clubs were there, once more, supporting their colours, showing their civility and Barça spirit.

Supporters clubs proved that FC Barcelona does not only live at Camp Nou. The Miniestadi, Palau Blaugrana and the Ciutat Esportiva are also venues to witness great shows and magical evenings. With this success, Barça is still reigning in Europe, being the 17th year running to win at least one sport’s top continental competition.

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