Pau Vilanova at the penya in Lisbon

July 2 was a very important date for the Penya Barcelonista de Lisboa, as it celebrated five years of existence. The festivities began in the clubhouse at the emblematic Snooker Club in the Portuguese capital.

There were plenty of institutional guests, including the governor of the Lisbon City Council, Manuel de Brito. The founding president of the supporters club, José María Rodríguez, received a tribute from all the members and was named an honorary member.

Great work by the supporters

During his speech, Pau Vilanova spoke about how the supporters clubs are ambassadors for FC Barcelona around the world, and do a such a great job of spreading its values, especially those based abroad.

FC Barcelona is enjoying a period of huge success, which is making its supporters clubs, and especially those outside of Spain, stronger.

Portuguese Big Three

FC Barcelona managed to do something unprecedented, and brought together representatives from the three biggest clubs in Portugal. All of Sporting Lisbon, Benfica and Porto were represented, the latter being Barcelona's opposition in the European Supercup as current champion of the Europa League.

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