Celebrations of the Anniverary of the Penya Barcelonista Poble Nou. Foto: A. Pérez

One of the pioneering supporters clubs in Barcelona  -the Penya Barcelonista Poble Nou, with more than 300 members - celebrated its 53rd anniversary on Saturday night. Pau Vilanova, director of the  Comissió Social and the Club's head of relations with UEFA Amador Bernabeu attended the celebrations.

As well as the 80 members at the event, there were three ex-players in attendance  - Marcos Alonso, Julio Alberto Moreno and Pere Valentí Mora - representing two generations of great Barça players.

The Consell Consultiu de Penyes was represented by Pere Razzauti, the delegate for Barcelona Oriental who showed his support for the club.

The club, presided over by Ricard Palau, continues to grow and has been representing Barça for more than half a century. It is one of the few Barcelona clubs who organise a coach to every home game.

53 years

All the speeches centred on the 53 year history and the importance of reaching such a great anniversary. Pau Vilanova stressed the difficulty of maintaining such an active club  with so many members for so many years and praise them for supporting the club through good times and bad– enjoying success and getting behind the Club when it was most in need.

Amador Bernabeu insisted that supporters clubs also have the Barça gene, as have so many of the current first team squad, and stressed that that gave the team an added value that very few can boast.

Pere Valentí Mora, Julio Alberto Moreno and Marcos Alonso also congratulated the club on its anniversary and all three stressed that the penyes had always stood up and supported the Club's players.

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