PB Torrebesses's crest

PB Mengibar's crest

PB Priorat de Poboleda's crest

A new record was established last Saturday regarding crest unveiling, before the Barça – Llevant match. Nine supporters' clubs made the most of a reasonable kick off time -and bank holidays to come- to travel to Camp Nou to enjoy another victory of Guardiola's players.

As the occasion deserved, directors of the Penyes Comission Xavier Ilincheta, Griselda Soteras, Jordi Durà and Elvira Pou were the representatives of FC Barcelona in such events.

From all over Spain

Those supporters' clubs that travelled on Saturday, came from all over the country. The Peña Barcelonista El Candil came from Asturias, lead by its president Juan Carlos Antón, and from Valencia the Penya Barcelonista d'Ondara, with president Miguel Gomis. The Peña El Barça de Mengibar, from Jaén, was lead by Joaquín Ramírez.

Three Catalan penyes also came for the match and unveil its shield. The Penya Barcelonista del Priorat de Poboleda, presided by Jeronimo Blanco, Penya Barcelonista Torrebesses, with its president Joan March Joanet, and Penya Blaugrana Som un Sentiment and its president Daniel Rovira inaugurated its shield at Rampa Nord and gates 104 and 105 respectively.

The three penyes from Castilla-La Mancha are also worth mentioning, as they brought around a hundred supporters. The Peña Barcelonista Almadén y Comarca unveiled its crest at gate 72, with Alfonso Mora leading the expedition. At gate 104, the Peña Barcelonista Villal-Barça, from Cuenca, could see how they were already part of Camp Nou's façade, along with its president Jose Manuel Lozano. On the other hand, Jorge Monedero, president of the Peña Barcelonista de Motilla, unveiled its crest at gate 105, at the stadiums North Goal.

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