New Supporters' Clubs Regulations

Last January 23, the Board of Directors ratified the new regulations. They are now available in the Regulations section of the supporters clubs website, or by clicking here.

Result of a year's work, a new management model

As is known, the Social Area, with the Social and Supporters Clubs Commission, and the clubs themselves, through the Advisory Council, worked hard last season to fine tune certain points in the regulations used to date that needed improvement. Four commissions were set up to specialise in different areas of the movement, and their proposals were put to the last Congress.

Following those presentations, and the amendments that supporters clubs made previously, work on drafting the new regulations began last August, to eventually be validated by the Advisory Council last December. This was a major change, not just in terms of the regulations, but also because of a new management model that meant, for the first time, the supporters clubs could decide on their own future and the methods and paths they wanted to follow.

Living regulations

Through these rules, the Club and its supporters clubs have adapted to the very latest needs. Also, the aforementioned commissions will continue with their labour this season as they examine other aspects and proposals to improve the movement and promote supporters clubs as a brand. These are the basic objectives of the Penyes Segle XXI project, a programme set up last season and designed to gradually be instigated both in this and future seasons.

This season, twelve subgroups were established within the four commissions, which are working on different issues that will complete the new regulations, such as, for example, the new organisation of the movement.

Thus, the regulations will be undergoing a constant modification process and new changes might be made each season, by proposal of the supporters clubs, the Advisory Council or the commissions, for subsequent presentation for approval at Congress and by the Board of Directors.

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