Supporters' Clubs World Congress 2011

Last Sunday the Regulations Committee met at the Club offices in the last meeting of a busy March schedule.

Important issues

The fruits of the committee’s work are clear to see after a considerable effort to adapt the rules and regulations to current conditions. The new rules have been gradually approved this season according to the needs of the Penyes movement, with the implementation of the Penyes Segle XXI project.

Sub-committee on the writing and application of the new regulations

The new regulations establish new processes for forming a supporters club, with clear and established procedures. This means that the previous moratorium has been lifted and applications will now be accepted from potential new penyes.

The processes for reactivating a club which has closed have also been looked at and new criteria have been established for closing a club.

The most recent changes to the regulations have set up the position of the Síndic de les Penyes, one of whose objectives are to establish a standard procedure for overseeing procedures.

It was also agreed to work on a new Service Manual, adapted to the new regulations and the new tools to be launched over the next few months, such as online administration. The implementation and content of the penyes map on the web is also an area which will be approved at the next plenary meeting of the Consell Consultiu de Penyes.

The regulations covering payments which the penyes receive will also be studied in the near future. An accurate study of members payments, which were received by clubs, will allow a number of requirements and processes to be implemented to facilitate administration.

Sub-committee of Territorial Organisation

Currently, work is also under way to create a new territorial organisation. There is a need to establish a defined structure with competent organs to make sure that self- government becomes a reality.

This will mean that every zone will change from having a single delegate to a complete organisation with a clear organisational structure which will allow for good management and coordination of the movement within its different geographical area.

Whatever is the outcome, the system will remain true to the existing democratic election system, in which each penya will have the right to a vote to decide who their representatives in contacts with the Club are to be.

Preparing the 2012 Congress

This Saturday the Advisory Council is meeting in plenary session to approve the various issues dealt with this month by the various commissions and prepare the content of the upcoming Congress. This is a first step towards self-government for the penyes movement, which is gradually being introduced through changes and modifications being made each season.

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