Paper Presentation during the Penyes Congress

This weekend the third meeting prior to the plenary meeting on March 31st was held. This time it was the turn of the Commission for the Identity of the Supporters Clubs and their Members.

Most important issues

The three subcommittees of this working group defined the objectives to achieve, as well as setting targets for the medium and long term. Three interrelated groups that will work to promote the movement, and elevate the supporters club brand, within the precepts of the Supporters Clubs XXI Century project.

Subcommittee on Census and Supporters Club Membership Cards

The timetable was established for the launch of the online management of the supporters clubs website. With this new tool, the supporters clubs can perform all kinds of tasks from the website, following an established protocol, according to the procedure to perform.

The implementation period will go through a testing phase, which will involve the training of representatives of the Consultative Council, to be able to lend support to their supporters clubs. A second pilot phase will also take place, with the involvement of a number of previously selected supporters clubs.

With the publication of a user manual, telephone support, and assistance from the OAP, the supporters clubs will be able to perform all sorts of tasks with the online tool.

This will also help with the census of supporters club members, so that the Club may have a reliable picture of the scope of the movement. It will also serve to know if the supporters clubs are meeting the requirements established by the regulations regarding the minimum number of associates. From here, work will be carried out on the issuing of supporters club membership cards.

In parallel, it was also announced that the Club is working to digitalise all the documents it has on file. Thus, all information will be available in a quick and agile manner.

Subcommittee on Communications and New Technologies

This committee reviewed a season with many new developments regarding new technologies. The new web platform, which was launched in November last year, and the involvement of supporters clubs on the social networks, were two of the most important topics dealt with. These developments mean a first step on the road, as several initiatives are also being developed to improve interaction between supporters clubs.

With regard to the census of supporters clubs and their members, this subcommittee will work on monitoring the implementation of the second level of the supporters clubs web platform.

Finally, it was announced that the program "Quina Penya!" on Barça TV is working on its second season.

Subcommittee on Marketing

This subcommittee is working to establish synergies between the supporters clubs and everything that will help to extend the Barça brand. The FCBotiga Bus, a mobile shop of FC Barcelona licensed products, will travel to the most multitudinous supporters club events and activities.

The possibility of offering various promotions to supporters club members is being studied, once the supporters club membership card is in progress, as well as offering several benefits to the supporters clubs. Banks and travel agencies, amongst others, are sectors that can mutually benefit with the supporters club movement.

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