Diada del Soci Solidari

Last November 30, the vice president of the FC Barcelona Social Area, Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, told a press conference about the Members Charity Day. The idea is for season ticket holding members to give up their seats for free.

The club would like some of the less privileged members of society to come and enjoy a game at the stadium for free. All organisations wishing to benefit from the Members Charity Day can come to the Barcelona Supporters Services Office to make their application, which will be satisfied depending on availability.

Supporters clubs also involved

One group that can play a dual role in the initiative is the supporters club movement. They can help out with the Members Charity Day both by giving up their tickets and also be requesting tickets for any charity organisation at the Barcelona Supporters Services Office.

The Club is asking the supporters to show their selfless support for the project by letting others use their seats for the evening. All supporters clubs can also make an application for a charity organisation in their town or city by writing to the club by email penyes@fcbarcelona.cat. The Supporters Clubs Department will inform them of how many tickets are available.

This is the first ever edition of the Members Charity Day, an initiative that hopes to put a smile on the faces of the people that most need one, as they enjoy the unique experience of a day out at the Camp Nou.

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