The Penyes Twitter has over 10000 followers

Shortly after setting up its Twitter account, FCBPenyes already has ten thousand followers. That's a remarkable amount and consolidates the supporters clubs' presence on social networks.

Clearly aimed at providing a service, the Supporters Clubs Department considered setting up its own pages on Twitter and Facebook, in order to make it a meeting point for all supporters club members and get the information to as many people as possible. The Social Area is clearly interested in exploiting new technologies, and is one further step towards a movement 2.0, which without forgetting its origins and traditions will help to promote the supporters clubs movement, a primordial target of the Penyes Segle XXI project.

Work group to monitor progress

The commission working on the Supporters Club Member's Identity created a group to look into communications and new technologies. The members of this group are overseeing the correct operation of the communication links between the Club and the Supporters Clubs and vice versa.

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