10000 fans on Penyes Facebook page

If a few days ago we announced that FCBPenyes had reached 10,000 followers on Twitter, we can now report that on Facebook, the Supporters Clubs have also reached that number of fans. This underlines and reinforces the strong commitment by the Club for a movement adapted to the modern times we live in.

Keeping its origins and traditions, the focus on new technologies is consolidating the supporters clubs movement in the world of social networking. Thus, the supporters club brand is positioned at the corresponding World level, via a window through which we can reach millions of users almost instantly.

Interaction, communication, and service commitment are the points that define the path that Barça is following with regard to the movement. With the management model based on joint working by the communications subcommittee and new technologies, new processes have been set up to ensure the smooth running of this aspect of the bilateral communication between the Club and the Supporters Clubs.

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