Lunch before the FCB - R. Madrid match. Photo: FCB

The Restaurant Visual in Barcelona has become the setting for a very special lunch this afternoon. Representatives of R. Madrid and FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs shared a table, to show the good atmosphere among fans before this evening’s Clásico.

Both clubs Social Areas were properly represented. On the Barça side, Pau Vilanova, chief director of the Social Comission lead the delegation. On the other hand, it was chief executive of the Social Area José Luis Sánchez who attended this event.

Both clubs also had representatives of several people in charge of R. Madrid supporters’ clubs societies and federations, lead by the president of Madrid supporters’ clubs federation Alejandro Lora. On the Barça side, several delegates of the Supporters’ Clubs Advisory Council did not miss this lunch, lead by its spokesperson, Antoni Guil, and Edmundo Bazo, delegate for Madrid.

In a relaxed atmosphere, fair play was present, in which each one showed their predictions for this evening’s clash, each one with their preferences. As agreed on the last plenary, the Club has all intention to support this kind of events organized by AFEPE.

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