Crest unveiling of the PB Atalaya de Torrijos

Much of the supporters club activity on Saturday was focused on the North Ramp of the Camp Nou. Three crests of clubs in Catalonia, four from elsewhere in Spain and one from the USA made their mark on the stadium at the start of Easter week.

The Peña Barcelonista Villa del Río brought a large delegation with them to see their crest unveiled in the section behind the North Goal. Daniel Casanovas, director of the Supporters Clubs Commission and Carmelo Caro, president of the supporters club, did the honours.

The same column was also used by the Penya Barcelonista de Washington DC to unveil their own crest, supported by their delegate to the Advisory Council, Toni Freire, on such a special day. Jordi Durà, director of the Supporters Clubs Commission, and Aaron Plantenberg, vice president of the club, drew back the curtain. The other club to have its crest in that zone was the Penya Barcelonista Coll de Nargó, where Daniel Sala, director of the Supporters Clubs Commission and Víctor Ribalta, president of the club, led the ceremony.

It was also a special day for the Penya Barcelonista Vallbona d’Anoia. Meritxell Baqué, president of the club and Xavier Ilincheta, also a director of the Supporters Clubs Commission, were the two people with the honour.

The Peña Barcelonista Pedrito, from Tenerife, also used the occasion of this classic league fixture to inaugurate their crest. Antonio Pascual, president of the club, and Griselda Soteras, director of the Supporters Clubs Commission, unveiled the crest bearing the name of the Tenerife-born Barça star.

They were followed immediately after by the Penya Barça d’Artesa de Segre i Comarca. Daniel Sala was the official delegate, accompanied by the president of the Club, Josep Baró.

Finally two clubs from Castile La Mancha also revealed their crests to the world. The Peña Barcelonista Atalaya de Torrijos and the Peña Azulgrana Villafranca de los Caballeros, both from the province of Toledo, arrived with large representations, accompanied by the delegate for their zone, José Mayenco. Xavier Ilincheta and Jordi Durà led the respective inauguration ceremonies, along with the presidents of the two supporters clubs, Javier Nombela and Román Gómez, respectively.

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