Crest inauguration of the PB Lausanne

Crest inauguration of the PB Val de Lemos

Crest inauguration of the PB Segur

Three supporters clubs were at the Camp Nou on Sunday to unveil their club crests before the game with Valencia. One was Catalan, another was Galician and the other was Swiss, for all of which February 19, 2012 will be a historic date to remember.

The first was Switzerland's Peña Barcelonista de Lausanne whose crest is now above entrance 30 to the stadium. Twenty members of the Swiss club came to Barcelona, led by their president Ramon Andrade. Elvira Pou, director of the Supporters Clubs Commission joined Andrade in doing the honours, and the members are now safe in the knowledge that their name will always be there next to that of the team they love.

The same entrance 30 was the location for the Penya Blau-Grana de Segur. Their president, Josep Mendoza, and Jordi Durà, director of the Supporters Clubs Commission, unveiled the Tarragona based club's crest.

Finally, the North Ramp was the place dedicated to the Peña Barcelonista Val de Lemos, from Galicia. Their president Jose Luis Campos was also joined by Jordi Durà, and the two pulled the cord to reveal the crest that shall always be visible to fans entering the stadium through that entry point.

The day ended in wonderful style for everybody as they watched Guardiola's team produce such a terrific display at home to Valencia.

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