Board of Directors - Archivo FCB

As spokesperson of the Board Toni Freixa announced on press conference, the changes to the Penyes regulations have been passed, which were previously approved at the last World Congress, and also validated in the plenary of the Supporters' Clubs Advisory Council on December 3. This means that for the first time the clubs themselves, together with the Club have decided their own future.

One of the fundamental principles of the Penyes Segle XXI project is the self government of the clubs and this change is a clear example of that. Since August, the process of bringing together the agreements made at the last congress has been underway and these new regulations have now become the movement's guiding light.

Productive process

In October 2010 it was decided that the regulations needed to be updated to reflect new times and the realities of the movement. From  then on, the Club launched a series of initiatives to ensure that the changes could be presented at the  XXXII World Congress and four commissions have been working hard to make the changes, with the overall aim of strengthening the Penya trademark

New penyes

The new rules also set the procedures for creating a new club and within the next few days these will be published in the section "Creating a new club".

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