Antimo de Salve and Josep M. Barnils. Photo: Sandro Colli

Celebration of the Penya Lombarda FCB. Foto: Sandro Colli

Dinner organized by Penya Lombarda FCB. Photo: Sandro Colli

Milan was full of celebration Tuesday night. As the Barça delegation arrived, the Penya Lombarda FC Barcelona organized a celebration dinner attended by several personalities and celebrities.

Secretary and spokesperson of the Board of Directors Toni Freixa, Manel Arroyo, director of the Economic and Strategic Area, as well as Josep M. Barnils, director of the Social Comission, did not miss this occasion. Italian MP Alessandro Colucci and Moto GP star Valentino Rossi's manager were also there.

Delegate of the Supporters' Clubs Advisory Council for The World Toni Freire, also attended the event. The supporters' club's president Antimo de Salve, was proud to welcome FC Barcelona expedition on their trip for the AC Milan Champions League match.

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