Poster presentation of the Andalusia Congress

Poster presentation of the Castilla y León Meeting

Last Saturday, the Paris Room was the venue for the presentation of two posters for mass events that are taking place during this year. The Villabalter Barça Supporters Club and the Barça Supporters Club from Andujar were the protagonists, as organisers of the forthcoming events.

The event was attended by a large representation from the Andujar city council, led by the Mayor, Jesus Estrella, as well as the chairmen of the respective supporters clubs, delegates from Castella and Leon and Western Andalusia, and many supporters clubs from the respective areas. The director of the FCBEscola, Julio Alberto Moreno, and Pere Valenti Mora, former player and member of the Barça Players Association, were also at the event. Everyone was welcomed by the Vice-President of the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, accompanied by Pau Vilanova, executive head of the Social Commission.

Reaffirming the great supporters clubs activities

Pau Vilanova opened the ceremony by welcoming the more than two hundred attendees. Vilanova emphasised the Barça of today, expressed in two lines of the Club hymn. "It doesn't matter where we come from, from the south or from the north", a demonstration that, at that time, in the Paris Room, there were supporters clubs from Castilla y Leon, and from Andalusia, who had travelled many kilometers, all sharing a passion for the Barça colours.

Following this, a few words were spoken by Jaime Carrillo, President of the Barça Supporters Club from Andujar, and the delegate of the Supporters Clubs Consultative Committee for Western Andalusia, Rafael Pichardo. This part of the proceedings was closed by Jesus Estrella, Mayor of Andujar, who ended up by presenting a memento of the city to Jordi Cardoner.

Jorge Juan Moreno, president of Villabalter Barça Supporters Club, was next to speak, highlighting the golden anniversary that the supporters club is about to celebrate. The delegate of the Advisory Council for Supporters Clubs from Castilla y Leon, Nicolas Perez, also had a few words of tribute to the supporters club, and the other supporters clubs from the area.

Finally, Vice President Jordi Cardoner i Casaus had a few words for the supporters clubs present. Cardoner expressed his satisfaction in knowing first hand that the supporters club movement is very solid, and more alive than ever. The Vice President of the Social Area also thanked them for their efforts in making such a long trip to come and watch the first team.

Andalusia Supporters Club Congress

This October the Barça Supporters Club from Andujar will host the X Congress of Supporters Clubs from Andalusia, Ceuta, and Melilla, a biannual event in which the Andalusian supporters clubs will show how it is an area with the most supporters clubs in Spain.

XIII Meeting of Supporters Clubs from Castilla y León

The Villabalter Barça Supporters Club is organising, in September, the meeting of supporters clubs from Castella and Leon, coinciding with the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the supporters club.

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