Amador Bernabéu at the XXV Anniversary of the PB Castra Vinaria

XXV Anniversary of the PB Castra Vinaria

Celebration of the XXV Anniversary of the PB Castra Vinaria

Commemorative plaque unveiling

The village of Fuente del Maestre, in Badajoz, was celebrating last Sunday. The Castra Vinaria Barça Supporters Club celebrated their quarter of a century anniversary. Amador Bernabéu, FC Barcelona relationship delegate with UEFA, ​​attended on behalf of the Club.

The City Council, with the supporters club

As usual, the local council supported the supporters club, offering a reception to the Barça delegation. Juan Antonio Barrios, the Mayor of Fuente del Maestre, accompanied by a delegation from the Town Hall, welcomed Bernabeu. Also present were the delegate of the Consultative Council for Extremadura, Santiago Duran, and the President of the supporters club, Jose Manuel Lopez.

In a speech based on the union that FC Barcelona promotes, Bernabeu highlighted the link between the Club and the town of Fuente del Maestre. So much so that, showing his knowledge of Extremadura, the relationship delegate with UEFA told the story about the fact that that the town became a city the same year as the inauguration of the Camp Nou.

Current FC Barcelona news under debate

Then, about 80 people gathered at the cultural centre, to hold a symposium to discuss the current FC Barcelona news. Santiago Duran explained the distinctive features of the project Supporters Clubs XXI Century, and the tools to be used by the supporters clubs in the near future.

Antonio Pedrera, director general of the Extremadura Sports Council, recalled his past as a club basketball player. The values ​​emanating from the Club, as well as the education of young athletes, were the topics most discussed, not only with the aim of promoting players, but also to educate them as people. It's a model that the Masia has followed for a long time, and is now producing the most relevant results

Amador Bernabéu, following Pedrera's presentation, emphasised that effort, discipline, and values ​​are the points that help the child who enters the Masia to succeed. In this regard, it's not only important to be successful in sport but also in life.

Poster and celebration

Around midday, they visited the headquarters of the supporters club, where they uncovered the plaque commemorating their 25th Anniversary. Then, about 200 people went to the pavilion where they attended a luncheon to celebrate the supporters clubs quarter of century. Undoubtedly a day to enjoy for the Extremadura Supporters Clubs.

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