Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, with Carles de Borja, President of the L'Eliana supporters' club.

Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, vice-president of the Social Area was able to see for himself how the Club's support is growing in the Valencia area. The 8th Aplec de Penyes Barcelonistes de les comarques de València i la Marina Alta, organised by the Penya Barcelonista L'Eliana brought together 30 supporters clubs from the area. Sr Cardoner took an active part in an open discussion about the world of the penyes and the team's current great form and he stressed how healthy the supporters club movement was right now.

Nearly 300 attend commemorative lunch

The commemorative lunch brought together 300 Barça fans with the president of the host club Carles de Borja accompanied by the mayor of the town Josep Maria Angel Batalla and the delegate to the Consell Consultiu de Penyes from the zone  Salvador Torres.

Jordi Cardoner thanked so many people for coming along and claimed this was proof of the health of the supporters club movement. He also mentioned the supporters clubs in the Basque Country who were holding an event to coincide with the game in Bilbao and apologised to them for being unable to be there himself, before winning a round of applause when he thanked them for their understanding and all the hard work they are carrying out.

The evening finished with a procession, a concert and a firework display to round off a great day of celebrations.

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