Illustration with the world globe with Barcelona shields, each one representing a supporters club

Mapa del Moviment de Penyes

It is well known that the FC Barcelona supporters movement exists in all five continents and is continuing to expand.

On this page you can find which supporters clubs are closest to you, wherever you are. You just have to select the area you want, focus in on that area, and move around the map.

There are three maps, one for each area, in accordance with the FC Barcelona supporters club regulations. Area 1 shows Catalonia, North Catalonia and Andorra, the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands. Area 2 is the rest of Spain, and Area 3 is the rest of the world.

Whenever you are looking for the nearest club, perhaps because you are travelling and would like to know where you can watch a match with fellow FCB supporters, then this tool will provide an invaluable service.

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Click on the following links to view the maps:

FC Barcelona supporters clubs map
Penyes ambit 1
Area 1
Penyes ambit 2
Area 2
Penyes ambit 3
Area 3
FC Barcelona supporters clubs list by zone
Area 1 Area 2 Area 3
Barcelonès Est
Barcelonès Oest
Baix Llobregat
Anoia, Alt Penedès and Garraf
Bages, Berguedà and Cerdanya
Osona and Ripollès
Empordà and Catalunya Nord
Gironès, Selva, Garrotxa and Pla de l'Estany
Terres de l'Ebre
Tarragona Nord
Ponent Nord
Lleida Sud
Comarques de Castelló
Comarques de València and Marina Alta
Comarques d'Alacant
Andalucia, Ceuta and Melilla
Castilla La Mancha
Castilla y León
Asturias and Cantabria
Euskadi/Euskal Herria
Aragon, La Rioja and Navarra