XXXVI Congrés Mundial de Penyes

The Social Area of FC Barcelona is responsible for the maintaining, giving further impulse and developing relations between the Club and the Official Club Supporters Clubs.

The Penyes Commission is an entity which collaborates with the Club Board to represent FC Barcelona in different events, particularly those organised by Penyes, as ambassadors for the Club.

One of the objectives of the commission is to promote the ideas and values historically held by the Club, such as civic pride, solidarity, democracy, social integration, Catalan pride, universality and other aspects which reflect the commitment of the Club to the wider society.

Members of the Penyes Commission

  • Cerni Areny Aguilar
  • Manel Costa Del Toro
  • Xavier Ilincheta Ferrer
  • Elvira Pou Chifoni
  • Griselda Soteras Bergada
  • Manel Torrentallé Cairó