Anoia, Penedès i Garraf Barça Supporters Clubs Meeting

Zone Meetings

All Official Supporters Clubs can organise one Zone Meeting a year. The celebration of these Zone Meetings must be reported in writing to the Supporters Clubs Department between the months of September and October each year. You can do this using the following form:

(Event Application)

It is recommended that Meetings should coincide with important anniversaries of the host supporters club. At all of these Meetings, the Club will be represented by the person or persons designated by the Club. In order for FC Barcelona to be able to designate the best representation possible, the Meeting should coincide with Club away trips and, in this case, the events must be scheduled for the day before the sports event.

In zones not affected by FC Barcelona away trips, the Club will study the best date for the event to be held.

Celebrations, inaugurations and anniversaries of the foundation of the supporters club

All Official Supporters Clubs that wish to hold an event attended by representatives of the Club must report this in writing to the Supporters Clubs Department.

(Event Application)

The Supporters Clubs Department, on the basis of current regulations, will confirm the attendance or not of representatives of the Club.

Inauguration of plaques in the Camp Nou

You can request information about the placing of a plaque showing the supporters club’s crest in the stadium to leave your mark on the Camp Nou.

The club will inform you of the time and date of the inauguration of the plaque, the meeting place and the location of the plaque.

(Crest Inauguration Application)