Torneig de Futbol 7 de Penyes del FC Barcelona

The Penya movement is a veritable pool for the development of youth talent. The clubs organise all kinds of activities for their younger members, and most especially those related to sports.

FC Barcelona Football and Supporters Club Group is a fine example. These 20 clubs have teams of all age levels and organise their own competition, which brings together some 3,000 young players, and their doors are always to open to any more children that want to get involved in organised sport.

The U12 and U 10 select teams take part in a whole range of tournaments and friendlies, and at different events, such as the game at the Miniestadi this year against the New York supporters club, which visited Barcelona at Easter.

There are also four different workshops aimed at players, coaches, coordinators and directors from the Group, who work to assist over 250 U10 players.

At the World Congress this year, The Barça Penya football tournament celebrated its tenth edition on the pitches next to the Miniestadi. More than 200 boys and girls from 16 teams of U12 and U10 age took part over two days of an event that was a wonderful advertisement for the club and for youth football in general.