Commitment Card

Following the decisions made at the last Supporters Clubs Congress and as part of the commitment to help penyes follow the regulations in the Supporters Clubs Regulations, a new procedure has been established to allow the penya president to obtain the Commitment Card. This can be done, like so many procedures related to the penyes movement, via the club’s delegate.

Application procedure

The president of a club needs to fill in the application form provided by FC Barcelona and returned it signed by the president and the president of the territorial federation. The delegate will personally complete the procedure at the OAB and make the payment, either in cash or by card.


In order to keep this card, the holder must renew it annually for three years during the period from June 1st to October 30th. Penya presidents can also renew their card via their delegate, although the cardholder must personally renew the card at least once during the three year period.

Changes in the board

If the president or the board of a club changes, the Club will open a three month period during which the penya can regularise the situation in line with the regulations.

Click here for all the information concerning the Commitment Card.

Traditional process still valid

The process of personally ratifying the Commitment Card at the OAB is still valid for penya presidents.

See the usual process to apply for the Commitment Card.

This new process is designed to make it as easy as possible for presidents to meet with the demands of the regulations.