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You can enter the ticketing website.

Camp Nou matches

To purchase tickets as an official Futbol Club Barcelona supporters club for games at the Camp Nou, the most efficient method is the ticketing website via the penyes procedure website.

All Official FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs get a special 15% discount on all tickets purchased using this web system. You will also enjoy an exclusive promotion of only €1 booking fee per ticket, instead of the usual €2,50 fee.

The system shows an exclusive an exclusive seating area for Official FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs and you can purchase the tickets available for all matches in a season at the Camp Nou.

This method offers the possibility of applying for tickets up until the very last minute, as it is directly associated to the Seient Lliure system that is generated at all times. Therefore, you get immediate confirmation of your tickets.

By purchasing tickets from the web, you can print the tickets at home on an ordinary sheet of A4 paper using your usual printer. You can directly access the Camp Nou using this ticket.

Tickets for away matches  

-All ticket requests need to be done exclusively through the penyes procedure website.   

-The deadline for ticket requests is one month before the match. The requests which are outside of this timeframe will be put on a waiting list.

-The reservation of tickets does not guarantee you will be assigned them.

-The home club is responsible for communicating to FC Barcelona the number of tickets allocated to visiting fans. 

-Those who attend the match will be selected from the census of penya members held by the procedures website.  

-If the demand for tickets is greater than the tickets available they will be allocated according to the objective criteria established by the permanent commission on tickets and the agreed coefficients. Each zone will be assigned a certain number of tickets. From here, the Presidents of each territorial Federation will put forward a proposal for the distribution of these tickets according to each zone.

-Once tickets have been paid for, cancellations and/or reimbursements shall not be accepted for these tickets.

-For security purposes, no changes may be made to the name of the bearer of the ticket once it has been allocated and paid for.

-The responsibility for the inappropriate use of the tickets rests on the penya and its member named on the ticket.

Important information for ticket collection

For security reasons, the ticket collection process for away games in the Champions League, La Liga Santander, and the Copa del Rey (apart from finals) will be available under the following conditions:

-Each ticket must be assigned by each penya to one of its members.

- Tickets are personal and non-transferable and must be collected by the bearer of the same on due identification with national ID or passport. Authorisations for collection by the penya or member for other persons to collect tickets shall not be accepted.

-The ticket will not be given to any person other than the one named on the ticket.  

-Collection must be in the town or city where the game is being played. As soon as the club has this information, is will be posted in the “Club Documentation” section of the procedures website, and penyes with confirmed tickets shall be notified at the email address sent from the penyes procedures management site.

-For away trips where the club considers a wristband to also be necessary, these shall be fitted by a member of FC Barcelona staff as an indispensable condition accepted by the ticket bearer.


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