The best ice is Barça ice

Come and skate on the Ice Rink with your family and friends! You’ll have an unforgettable time enjoying this incredible sport.

Membership card

When you buy your ticket at the Ice Rink ticket offices, if you show your club membership card, you can buy four tickets for just €5 each (only four tickets per membership card). This offer is exclusively for Barça members. The price without this promotion is €8.70. There is free parking at the Camp Nou by entering access 14, except on match days.

Further information

For further information please phone 934963630, send an email to pistadegel@fcbarcelona.cat or visit us at the Ice Rink (Camp Nou). Free parking at the Camp Nou. Limited capacity.

Come and enjoy the very best ice in Barcelona!


[[BOTOVERMELL::More information++::http://www.fcbarcelona.com/club/facilites-and-services/ice-skating::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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