Nadales 2013

This week, junior members will be receiving a template with instructions on how to enter this year’s Christmas card competition, and like every year all boys and girls that are club members are being asked to send us their best card designs. You can use any technique you like: coloured pencils, felt tips, wax crayons, watercolours or whatever, although it would be better if you could avoid including any text in your pictures. You can send it to us by regular mail or you can even come in person to the Seu Social and put in one of the special mailboxes that we are providing for the competition.

You can now take part in the IX Barça Christmas Card Display!

Download the template and produce your finest design on the subject of ‘THE BARÇA CHRISTMAS FLAG’!


[[BOTOVERMELL::Download the Template++::http://media3.fcbarcelona.com/media/asset_publics/resources/000/071/593/original/final_angles_print.v1382366075.pdf::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]



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