FC Barcelona has set up a new initiative to help members with reduced mobility and who find it difficult to get to the stadium unassisted. The project is called T'acompanyem (We'll take you there) and is being organised in collaboration with la Creu Roja. It is focused on people with disabilities or reduced mobility that come to the stadium on match days.

The new initiative started on the weekend of February 5 with the game between FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad. The club has four care points and there is information about "t'acompanyem" all around the ground. It is being operated by Red Cross staff, who will be there from an hour and a half before the game kicks off and will be ready to help any members to get to their seats. The project also involves a service to collect wheelchair users or members with reduced mobility from their homes.

The service must be reserved in advance through the Barcelona Supporter Services Office by phoning +34 934963600 or sending an email to oab@fcbarcelona.cat

Com reservar el servei

La reserva d’aquest servei s’haurà de fer prèviament a l’Oficina d’Atenció al Barcelonista, al telèfon 902 1899 00 o bé per correu electrònic a oae@fcbarcelona.cat

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