Tickets for the Barça v Madrid match will only be sold to non season ticket holding members. 
September 1 is a day to mark on your calendars because that’s when you’ll be able to ensure you have a seat for whatever games you like at the Camp Nou. Check the season’s fixture list and pick the dates when you want to come to the ground to cheer on Messi, Xavi, Alexis Sanchez, Iniesta and the boys.

Barça v Madrid

The clásico is the biggest game and the one that everyone wants tickets to see. So, keep a special eye out from September 1 at 10.00 for the chance to get a ticket for this huge match. Tickets will be going on sale exclusively to non season ticket holding members and are likely to sell out in a matter of hours. 

Only 2 tickets per membership card can be purchased for this match, at a discount of 5% on the sale of the first ticket. When the tickets run out, sales will close until a few days before the match, when sales will open again and availability will depend on the number of seats freed using the Seient Lliure system. Good luck to everybody!

Information and sales here

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