Use of Passaport Infantil

Passaport Infantil of the Member

It is a new social action passed by the Board of Directors to provide free access to the Camp Nou for child members aged up to 14 years and that do not have season tickets.

What is the Child Passport?

It is a document that will enable children under 14 who want to go to the Camp Nou to do so without having to obtain a prior invitation. To get into the Camp Nou, they only have to activate the passport, and as the document has a bar code, they can go straight through the turnstile access.

This passport is valid for one season.

How to use it?

The passport will be linked to a mobile app (available for Apple and Android systems) and from 6 days before the game, and in a speedy manner, the adult accompanying the child will be able to activate the ticket for the game they want to see. The application will indicate the gate they must enter by, which will be the one closest to the adult’s seat. 

For security and capacity reasons, there will be a maximum number of entrances with passports, so once this limit has been reached, no further passports can be activated.

In case one does not have a smart-phone compatible with the use of mobile applications, it will be possible to activate the Child Passport via the Club website.

Matches not included

The Child Passport provides access for matches comprising the ‘Children at Camp Nou’ Project, which are all matches except the following: Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, the round of 16, quarter-finals and semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League and the first and/or return legs of the Spanish Supercup.

Additionally, the Club reserves the right to restrict access to other matches for sporting or security reasons.