FCB Memorial Space

All FCB members or FCB supporters cub members with an interest in acquiring a columbarium in the FC Barcelona Memorial Space for the deposit of funerary urns will receive the following discounts:

· Hire of columbarium for 50 years 5% exclusive members discount
· Hire of columbarium for 99 years 10% exclusive members discount

Provisionally and until the remodelling of the stadium is complete, the project will be located in a temporary space in Les Corts Cemetery that is illustrated with sentimental Barça-themed images and has the capacity for 500 urns.

Once the remodelling of the Camp Nou is complete, the FCB Memorial Space will be located inside the stadium by authority of Barcelona City Council.

The FC Barcelona Memorial Space is offering members a 24 hour helpline service on 635323481 for management of the funeral service, which shall later be available for all of the different services.

All supporters club members with an interest in the service should contact their own club, which will directly handle the acquisition under special personalised conditions.

Further information is available by phoning 902151025, by sending an email to


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