Children in the Camp Nou

Who benefits

The programme “Children in the Camp Nou” is for children under the age of 14.


The ticket is free for Club members under the age of 14 or for children or grandchildren of adult members.

Exceptional matches, no free tickets for children

There will be exceptional matches in which there will be no free tickets for children. These matches are the ones against Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, the round of 16, quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Champions League, and the Spanish Super Cup matches at the Camp Nou. The Club reserves the right to declare a match exceptional if there’s a possibility of a sell-out crowd.

Familiy friendly hours

There are kick off times scheduled for the morning and afternoon (Saturday at 16.00 or 18.00, and Sunday at 12.00). These are matches where attendance is expected to be high, the Club guarantees a maximum of 3,000 tickets for the ‘Children in the Camp Nou’ programme. If the demand exceeds 3,000 tickets, the Club will give priority to children under the age of eight.

What will the tickets be like?

Children’s tickets will be given out in conjunction with the season ticket or ticket of the accompanying adult, therefore the child will be in the same zone of the stadium.

Where will the child sit?

The accompanied child will continue sitting in the same seat she/he sat before.

How can you get a ticket?

One ticket will good for one match. This means that ticket requests need to be made for each match in order to gain access to the Camp Nou.

There are two ways to acquire tickets:

  • In person: At the ticketing booths, from six days prior to a match up until half time.
  • Online: Through the Club’s official website, from six days prior to a match up until half time.

The Club has two ways of generating tickets for children:

  • Untaken seats in the stadium.
  • Seats that are freed up through the Seient Lliure programme.