An Assembly can be Ordinary, which must be held once a year during the four months following the end of the financial year, or Extraordinary, which is in addition to the ordinary assembly and is held during the financial year.


Those described in the sections of article no. 19 of the statutes.

The following is a summary of the sections of article 19:
The Board of Directors must present a report on the Club’s activities in the previous financial year.
Present and approve the liquidation of the previous financial year.
Present and approve the budget for the following financial year.
Establish the ordinary membership and entrance fees.
Establish extraordinary fees or expenses.
Authorise the acquisition, encumbrance or sale of the Club’s material assets.
Authorise the Board of Directors to sign contracts with third parties for the transfer of the Club’s right to the exploitation of its image, name, symbols, advertising...
Authorise the Board of Directors to sign contracts for the inclusion of advertising on the football first team kit.
Ratify the nominations of the members of the Board of Directors
Approve any proposals that the Board of Directors agrees to submit to the General Assembly.
Present the Members Ombudsman’s report.
Approve, if necessary, any proposals that the members wish to make to the General Assembly, as long as these have the written support of 5% of the members or 15% of the conference delegates.- Modify the Club Statutes.
Approve, if necessary, any proposals for the merger, absorption and transformation of the Club presented by the Board of Directors
Approve, if necessary, the dissolution of the Club
Present the conference delegates’ opinions in the open floor debate.
Any other business reserved for the competence of the General Assembly.

Read the full Statutes.


Conference delegates must be members that satisfy the following requirements:
Be an adult
Have served for at least one year
Not to have had their membership suspended

Election of delegates

A. Members chosen by draw to select a proportion of the total membership in accordance with article 21.2 of the statutes. Members on the Board of Directors at the time of the Assembly.

B. Ex presidents of the Club. Members of the disciplinary and economic commissions. Members of age. A number no higher than 25 designated by the Board of Directors.
Members are delegates for two seasons, starting on July 1 and ending on the last day of the year, June 30.

The procedure for the designation of delegates is regulated by articles 23 and 24 of the statutes.

Calling of assemblies

The calling of General Assemblies, both ordinary and extraordinary, will be made by agreement of the Board of Directors, on its own initiative or by request of the members, in the latter case signatures of 10% of members or 30% of delegates will be required.
General Assemblies will be called through an announcement in a widely-read Barcelona newspaper and by communication to all of the delegates. Between the publication of the announcement and the holding of the Assembly, there must be a minimum of 15 calendar days and a maximum of 60 calendar days. This announcement must state the date, time, place and agenda.

Information prior to General Assemblies

During a period of no less than 10 working days before the Assembly is held, the delegates may examine at the Club Offices the documentation that the Board of Directors has prepared regarding the items contained in the Agenda. The minimum documentation is as follows:

Report on the liquidation of the budget for the financial year ended
Balance and profit and loss accounts for the financial year ended
Budget for the new financial year
Any audits that have been made

All of the information that is provided to the delegates will be confidential; it cannot be published and will remain in the Club offices..

Holding of the General Assembly

To attend the Assembly, all delegates must accredit beforehand their person and their condition of being a delegate, as stipulated by the Board of Directors.

The Assembly will be chaired by a Presiding Committee made up only of members of the Board of Directors.

The Assembly will be validly constituted, for the first call, when half of the delegates are present. For the second call, the Assembly will be validly constituted whateverthe number of delegates present. Between the first and second calls there must be a period of 30 minutes.

The direction of assemblies corresponds to the president who is assisted by the secretary.
The different items on the agenda a treated separately, and the Presiding Committee can change the order.

The President will direct the debates, will award and withdraw the rightto speak, and will do everything necessary to ensure that the meetingruns properly.

Resolutions and votes

General Assembly resolutions will be passed by simple majority among those present, unless:
They amend the Statutes, which requires a majority of two thirds
Items that require a qualified majority, under terms of articles 53, 62, 73, 74 and 75
Any other issue that, according to the Statutes or the valid regulations of the time, require a qualified majority

The Presiding Committee will decide the voting method, which may be by the procedure of delegates raising their hands, displaying different coloured cards, or secret ballot. In all cases, the voting will offer three simple alternatives: in favour, against or abstention.


The Secretary will draft minutes of the Assembly, which shall be passed by three member delegates.