Announcement of the elections for the board of directors of FC Barcelona

Pursuant to the dispositions of articles 35 and 43 of the Club Statutes, the Managing Commission, at its meeting held on 10 June 2015, has agreed to call elections for the FC Barcelona Board of Directors. Voting shall take place on 18 July 2015.

Pursuant to articles 40 to 54 of the Statutes, the election of the members of the FC Barcelona Board of Directors shall be adapted to the following standards:

1.- Conditions to be an elector are:

a) To be an adult and not be legally incapacitated.
b) To have been a club member for a minimum of one year.
c) Not to have had one’s membership status suspended.
d) To be included in the electoral roll in accordance with article 47.

2.- Conditions to be eligible are:

a) To be an adult and not be legally incapacitated.
b) To have been a club member at the moment when the elections are called for a minimum of ten years to be elected President and a minimum of five years for the remaining members of the Board of Directors.
c) Not to have had one’s membership status suspended at the moment when the elections are called.
d) Not to have been associated to FC Barcelona, as a player, manager, coach or employee in the two years prior to the call.
e) Not to have been sanctioned for disciplinary reasons by the Club for a serious offence in the five years prior to the call for elections.
f) To have presented one’s resignation and ceased from serving one’s position prior to the start of Phase VI of the election process (presentation of proposals for candidatures), should the aspiring candidate be a member of the Board of Directors or of the Managing Commission that has called the elections and wishes to stand for re-election.
g) Be included in the current electoral roll.
h) With respect to the pre-candidate for President, have Catalan regional citizenship (veïnatge civil).

3.- On Friday 12 June at 10.00 am at the Club offices, a public draw shall be held to designate the members of the Electoral Board and of the Electoral Table, which shall be constituted no later than Thursday 18 June.

4.- From Friday 19 June until Tuesday 23 June, club members may view the electoral roll in the Electoral Office, which shall be opened especially for this procedure and shall be located on the premises of the Barcelona Supporter Services Office (OAB), in the Social Headquarters (Seu Social) of the Club. It shall be open for enquiries from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00 and on bank holidays and weekends from 10.00 to 13.00.

Claims regarding undue omissions or inclusions or the rectification of errors must be made in writing and addressed to the Electoral Board, which should be presented to the Electoral Office before 19.00 on Tuesday 23 June.

The Electoral Board shall deal with all claims presented within the established period and no later than 26 June shall approve the definitive electoral roll, which may not be subject to any further modification throughout the remainder of the election process.

5- From Friday 19 June, aspiring candidatures and presidents of the Club may request support slips filled in on the official model published by the Club in writing addressed to the Electoral Board, which shall be presented in the Electoral Office within its opening times, i.e. Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00 and bank holidays and weekends from 10.00 to 13.00.

The slips shall be presented within a maximum period of 36 hours, 5,068 slips shall be provided for free, and the applicant shall be charged for any more above this limit.

6. From Saturday 27 June until Saturday 4 July, proposed candidatures for the FC Barcelona Board of Directors may be presented. The candidatures, which shall be closed and voted on as a block, must be presented to the Electoral Board and presented to the Electoral Office.

Along with the pre-candidature, a minimum of 2,534 support slips from members must be presented along with the commitment to provide a guarantee, signed by all members of the candidature, in accordance with applicable standards.

Club members signing support slips must be included in the definitive electoral roll passed by the Electoral Board and may only support one single candidature.

Signed support slips provided by each candidature must be presented numbered and in ascending order of membership number.

Candidatures must consist of a number of pre-candidates of no less than fourteen and no more than twenty-one, led by a pre-candidate for president.

The proposed candidatures must be addressed to the Electoral Board, in writing and with a duplicate copy, and presented to the Electoral Office and must contain the following details:

- List of names and surnames of the pre-candidates and, along with each name, the pre-candidate’s signature, as proof of their conformity. The pre-candidates must all meet the conditions established by article 42 of the Club Statutes.

- Photocopies of both sides of the pre-candidates’ membership cards and identity documents.

- Photocopy of the documentation accrediting the Catalan regional citizenship (veïnatge civil) of the pre-candidate for President.

The proposal for a candidature shall not include any reference to or list of the different positions on the Board, apart from that of the president, which should be the pre-candidate at the top of the list. If the members of a proposal for a candidature feel it necessary, they may attach a list of the biographical details and merits of the aspiring candidates.

7.- The Electoral Board shall check that the members of each candidature and the signees of the support slips meet the conditions required by the Statutes, and that each candidature has presented the minimum number of valid support slips and the aforesaid commitment to provide a guarantee.

On Wednesday 8 July 2015, the Electoral Board shall announce the candidatures that have the right to stand in the elections.

8.- If only one candidature stands or is valid, the Electoral Board shall announce its members as elected and the election process shall end.

9.- If more than one candidature is announced, the election campaign shall commence, which shall last from 00.00 on Thursday 9 July until 24.00 on Thursday 16 July 2015.

During the election campaign, the candidates may provide information, run promotions and distribute propaganda.

The Electoral Board shall oversee that the statements and actions of all candidates observe due respect for their opponents and that equal opportunity principles are observed regarding the use of the Club facilities and services.

The Members Trustee shall deal with any information or publicity that the candidates wish to address to the club members, by means of the Electoral Office’s services in its head offices. Applications for such services shall be made in writing to the Electoral Office, which shall inform the candidates of the cost of the service and the possibilities of providing it.

10.- Friday 17 July shall be the day of reflection. From 00.00 on that date, all candidatures shall refrain from any public activities directly or indirectly in relation to the election campaign, such as hanging up posters, publishing or issuing propaganda in the media, or making statements or giving interviews.

11.- Saturday 18 July shall be the day for voting, at the Camp Nou, from 09.00 until 21.00.

The voting slips will be published by the Club using the same format, paper and colour for all candidatures.

The ballot boxes shall be distributed on the Auditorium forecourt.

The ballot boxes shall be arranged in alphabetical order of the surnames of the club members that are eligible electors.

In order to cast their votes, club members must be included in the definitive electoral roll and prove their identity by showing their identity document or equivalent in the case of foreigners, i.e. passport or driving license.

The Electoral Table shall oversee and control the elections, assisted by the Members Trustee.

12.- Once the voting period is over, the Electoral Table shall start counting the votes.

The Electoral Board and the Electoral Table shall jointly announce the winning candidature.

13.- The newly elected Board of Directors must formalise its guarantee if so required by applicable legislation, and shall assume their positions ten calendar days after the election date.

14 – The mandate of the elected Board of Directors shall end, due to expiry of the ordinary term, on 30 June of the 2021, pursuant to article 34.2 of the Club Statutes.

The purpose of what is hereby announced is to inform all members of Futbol Club Barcelona.

Barcelona, 11 June 2015

For the Managing Commission
The secretary

Jordi Calsamiglia