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Abonaments Camp Ple 13/14

Abonament CAMP PLE

This is the Club’s way of recognising Camp Nou season ticket holders that have shown unconditional support for the first team over the whole season.

How are they obtained?

All season ticket holding members have attended every match in La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League, or when they have been unable to do so have always freed their seat for another Barça fan to come to the Stadium. With a maximum of two absences.
The Full Stadium Season Ticket is not automatically renewed each year, it is obtained depending on the use of the season ticket over the season. This means that if you sell or free your seat for football matches, you will get special benefits, enter draws and win exclusive prizes that are announced each season on the Club website (www.fcbarcelona.cat ). We therefore encourage all season ticket holders to come to support the team, and when they can’t, to always free their seat.

[[BOTOVERMELL::2013-14 Abonament Camp Ple Legals Basis++::http://media1.fcbarcelona.com/media/asset_publics/resources/000/070/035/original/BASES_LEGALS_CAMP_PLE_13-14.v1381331348.pdf::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

Exclusive advantages

If you already have a Camp Ple, you will get the chance to win some exclusive prizes:
● Monthly draw for a trip (+ ticket) with the team for two people
● Draws for official merchandise
● Priority in the exchange of seat locations

Incentive plan

For those that make good use of their Season Ticket during the present season and achieve Camp Ple, there will be a spectacular draw at the end of the season for some highly exclusive prizes:

● 1 Match at the Camp Nou
40 places will be drawn from among season ticket holding members with Full Stadium status to play a football match in the Camp Nou*.

● 9 double away trips with the team. 1 away trip per match played by FC Barcelona in La Liga, making a total of 9 double away trips with the team

● 9 double VIP tickets.
1 double VIP ticket for every match at the Camp Nou in La Liga, making a total of 9 double VIP tickets

● 9 Signed official shirts

•The match at the Camp Nou is played in the summer of 2013 by the winning Member or a person designated by the winner
•Away trips and invites will also be for matches in the domestic league championship
•The conditions of the away trip, security and criteria shall always be those of FC Barcelona
•Legal Basis will be shown in the next days

We alredy have the first winners of Camp Ple