The Miniestadi saw a top-quality friendly take place between Barça and Chelsea. Fran Sánchez’s side fought out a 1-1 draw in an intense game. The first half had everything except goals. The two teams enjoyed plenty of chances but were unable to convert them.

Barça went closest through a Mariona Caldentey cross from the right which was deflected onto the post by the defender Bright. The opener arrived in the second half with FC Barcelona’s Bárbara Latorre producing a clinical finish in the 77th minute.

Chelsea went looking for the equaliser and Barça could have scored a second in the gaps that appeared. In the end, the team from London scored in extra time to make it 1-1 on the night.

Home debut for three signings

Andrea Pereira, Van der Gragt and Pamela Tajonar played in front of the home fans for the first time. Andrea played 66 minutes and was key in defence, while the other two came on in the second half and performed well. The next preseason assignment is a trip to the UK to face Manchester City in another tough game.


FC Barcelona Women, 1
Chelsea, 1

Barça: Paños (Pamela Tajonar, min. 45), Marta Torrejón (Gemma Gili, min. 53), Andrea Pereira (Marta Torrejón, min. 66), María León (Melanie, min. 66), Melanie (Van der Gragt, min. 45), Losada (Bussaglia, min. 66), Mariona (Andonova, min. 45), Bussaglia (Bárbara Latorre, min. 45), Duggan (Mariona, min. 66), Alexia, Andressa Alves (Carla, min. 82).
Chelsea: Lindahl (Durack, min. 72), Carter, Bright, Eriksson, Andersson (Thorisdottir, min. 64), Mjelde (Ingle, min. 64), Carney, Engman, England (Guthbert, min. 64), Kirby (So Yun Ji, min. 64), Bachmann (Spence, min. 64)

Goals: 1-1, Bárbara Latorre (min. 77) and Carney (min. 93)

Officials: Ainara Acevedo. Yellow for Andressa Alves (min.31) and Carney (min 34)

Attendance: 1,266 fans at the Miniestadi

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