The Barça women dominated from start to finish on Saturday afternoon against Santa Teresa, and two goals from Bárbara Latorre and another from Alexia Putellas ensured a convincing win in the Liga Femenina Iberdrola.

It took half an hour to break the deadlock, a fine team effort started by Putellas with a terrific through ball to Melani Serrano, with Latorre finishing things off.

The home side, from Badajoz in Extremadura, never caused any real trouble until after the break, but the well-organised Barça defence made sure the danger was kept to the bare minimum.

Barça weren’t creating many chances of their own either, but extended their league with a stunning set piece that caught the opposition totally by surprise, with Putellas putting the ball in the net.

It was full steam, ahead from then on, and a splendid strike from Latorre off a Lieke Martens assist put the game to bed.

Thanks to the win, Barça now top the league, but Atlético Madrid have yet to play – their trip to Athletic Clu Bilbao is on Sunday.

Fitxa tècnica

Santa Teresa de Badajoz, 0
FC Barcelona Femení, 3

Santa Teresa de Badajoz: Larqué, Parralejo, Aina (Carla, min 75), Mireya, Estefa (Hitomi, min 82), María Neira, Mariana (Yamila, min 69), Alba Gordillo, Alba Merino, Marina (Naydet, min 75) i Chica.
FC Barcelona Femení: Paños, Melanie, Gemma (Fabiana, min 75), Torrejón, Alexia, Patri, Mapi, Duggan (Olga García, min 60, Bárbara, Elise (Vicky Losada, min 72) i Martens (Natasa Andonova, min 82).
Gols: 0-1, Bárbara (min 31); 0-2, Alexia (min 63); 0-3, Bárbara (min 81).
Àrbitre: Paláez Arnillas. Ha amonestat amb targeta groga la local Chica (min 34).

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