Les jugadores celebren un gol en un partit d'aquesta temporada | VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona Women recorded a spectacular 6-0 win on one of the toughest grounds in the division, leading an attacking onslaught of Zaragoza on Saturday afternoon.

Xavi Llorens’ side got straight into the action from the off, as Mariona knicked the ball to set up Alexia but was unable to fire past Larque in a one-on-one situation.

And with the chances coming thick and fast it was only a matter of time before the deadlock was broken. Just before half-time, Mariona hit a sweet strike in off the bar for 1-0.

Barça continued in the same rhythm in the second, but with far more efficiency. The goal for 2-0 came on 56 minutes through Olga García from the edge of the box, before Bárbara made it 3-0 on 73. A fourth followed soon after on 79 through Gemma with a superb effort, controlling and volleying into the net.

The same player scored the goal for 5-0 on 85, before Irene completed the rout one minute later.

Barça’s third straight win leaves them in contention for the title, four points behind leaders Atlético.

Match details

Zaragoza, 0

FC Barcelona, 6

Zaragoza: Larque, Royo, Natalia, Mata, Nora; Clara (Carolina, min 59), Rey (Gloria min, 70), Aznar; Cardona, Nuria and Naima (Carla, min 59).

FC Barcelona: Paños; Torrejón, Ruth, Miriam, Patri; Melanie, Unzué (Koko, min 63), Losada; Mariona (Gemma min.63), Alexia (Irene, min 71) and Olga García (Bárbara, min 63).

Goals: 0-1, Mariona (min 43), 0-2, Olga García (min 56), 0-3, Bárbara (min 73) 0-4, Gemma (min 79), 0-5, Gemma (min 85), 0-6, Irene (min 86).

Referee: Xabier Gómez Landazábal

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